Foreign currency appeals are a great way to raise money for charity. Many charitable organisations receive donations from the public in the form of foreign coins, banknotes, and obsolete British currency.  We have the staff and machinery to sort vast quantities of such material in great detail, finding any redeemable money, precious metal content, and any better individual pieces that may be present. We then pay out the strongest percentage possible to the respective charity, providing a much needed source of funds.
We are currently working with over 50 charities in the UK. If you wish to join them please contact Tracey Maugé, our Foreign Currency Manager, on 01473 627110, and we will provide you with one of our 'blue boxes'. When the box is filled, contact us again and we will arrange transportation.
If you receive any donations in the form of other collectables and antiques, of the sorts we deal with, you are more than welcome to include them for valuation and potential sale at auction.

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