Our auctions take place at our Martlesham Heath premises. The 'consign by' dates are provisionally the latest dates we can accept items for to be sold in each respective auction. We reserve the right to close consignment early in some cases when on occasion an auction is already full. We would always advise potential vendors to get their items to us as early as possible, and we thank you for your consideration.
Auction Type Auction Number Date Consign by
The Fine Sale Auction No. 163 20 February 2019  
Coins & Collectables Auction No. 164 16-17 March 2019 1 February
Coins & Collectables Auction No. 165 18-19 May 2019 5 April
The Fine Sale Auction No. 166 12-13 June 2019 3 May
Coins & Collectables Auction No. 167 13-14 July 2019 31 May
Coins & Collectables Auction No. 168 14-15 September 2019 2 August
The Fine Sale Auction No. 169 9-10 October 2019 30 August
Coins & Collectables Auction No. 170 16-17 November 2019 4 October
You will find each auction catalogue available to view on this website approx. 3 weeks before the day of each sale, as well as on www.the-saleroom.com and www.invaluable.com with further illustrations.
Our full-colour A4 printed catalogues can serve as a useful work of reference, and many customers prefer these traditional publications. Click on the following link to place your application if you wish:

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