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Our July auction of Coins & Collectables achieved total sales of £336,000

Highlights included high grade Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins such as £950 hammer for a Bonnet type penny of William the Conqueror, of the Shrewsbury Mint, and £650 hammer for a bird and beast Series Q/II silver sceat.  A collection of high grade tokens of Norfolk and Suffolk was highly sought-after, achieving prices such as £500 hammer for an Attleborough Two-Shillings of William Parson & Son 1811 in AU, and £650 hammer for the Newmarket 'Horse Racing' Penny 1799.  The final part of the David Murray Collection of Woven Silk Postcards went out in top form, with prices into the thousands for bulk lots, and the highest price of £440 for a single card: HMS Dreadnought.

Our next auction will be Coins & Collectables 15-16 September (consignment open until 3rd August), followed by the Fine Sale 10-11 October (consignment until 31 Aug).

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